10 Fundamental Dot Net Designing Instruments You Should Know

10 Fundamental Dot Net Designing Instruments You Should Know

When IT professionals work on projects of varying complexity, they have time to learn several different programming languages ​​at once, learn more about systems and platforms, study innovations and novelties that have just entered the modern market. Because of continuous operation procedure, web designers may apply innovative instruments, practicable elements,  technical chips. Thus, from time to time it is not easy to come up with professional in this area. So, net development company, which has been on the market for a long time and knows exactly how to perform complex tasks, will be able to cope with any IT projects without difficulty. The main thing is that specialists are aware of the main tools in web development and know a lot even about the “dot net” technology, which is used more and more often in everyday life.

What tools from Dot Net should be studied for further work on IT projects?

There are a number of tools that help build software based on Dot Net. Any IT specialist who works in this area and wants to continue to successfully implement IT projects in practice should know about the TOP 10 main ones:

  1. Visual Studio. This program is an editor for writing source codes. Firstly, it is lightweight and at the same time powerful. Secondly, the written code can be integrated with the “.NET” web development environment. Thirdly, the editor provides the ability to use specific objects, debugging and profiling tools.
  2. NuGet. This is the package manager. It is truly ingenious in its way because it was designed as a program and is open source. Web developers claim that software can become the main tool for embedding platforms, libraries, modules in absolutely any type of web application, because it has a full-fledged database with third-party elements.
  3. LINQpad. This is a popular utility that opens up the possibility for IT professionals to develop absolutely any type of business application. Moreover, the utility is completely universal, it allows you to use your system in order to test only code fragments or specific database queries. It also opens up the ability to write code and reproduce it automatically in any programming language.
  4. ReSharper. It is a tool that allows programmers to code without difficulty. Also, the software is distinguished by the presence of an option for evaluating the quality of codes and is able to detect defects in high-speed mode, including the ability to eliminate various unwanted problems. This extension is really useful on all counts.
  5. “Chocolate”. This is a manager that belongs to the packages of the well-known and popular global corporation “Windows”. Web developers have the opportunity to develop, deploy various software packages, and these actions can be carried out using the tools already built into the manager. In fact, all this is done through software management and thanks to the Windows OS.
  6. “.NET Reflector”. This is a decompiler. It is also called a static analyzer. It can be used by experts who, in practice, are well aware of all the tools related to the .NET framework. Acts as a tool for the software, which is able to use the reflector option (helps in simplifying situations when problems with the software are detected).
  7. Postman. It is a platform that allows you to run API tests. It’s easy to use in the literal sense of the word. The fact is that accesses can be both local and remote – the main thing is to correctly call and place requests. As for test options, there are a lot of them. But the most important thing is the possibility of automatic testing, which simplifies the process of conducting tests.
  8. “NDepend”. This is an application that opens up opportunities to understand how well the code is written, as well as compare the code with specific metrics. Additionally, the extension provides visualization of the design, and therefore you can look at the software being developed, so to speak “from the side” and appreciate how cool the graphics are, etc.
  9. SQLComplete. It is a tool that can format special SQL queries, restructure codes, standardize when writing codes, rename informational data in tables, columns, options, procedures, and so on. In essence, the software helps IT professionals to significantly improve the performance of any software they develop.
  10. NCrunch. It is a system that includes many features for a web developer. A programmer can not only test a digital product, but also get information about priorities, markers, and information. You can also track the coverage of the written code in real time, find out when the editing was made, what were the exceptions, and get the overall results of software tests.

What should a web developer keep in mind?

When creating any web applications, one should not forget about some of the nuances that will allow you to make the right and competent choice of tools based on the “.NET” framework:

  • Learn about the purpose of the business project.
  • Understand what the superiority of development is.
  • Determine how the web product will be useful to users in everyday tasks.
  • Appreciate digital software.
  • Understand what software is all about.
  • Ensure a credible reputation.
  • Specify the price, because creating an application on “.NET” is not a cheap pleasure.
  • Decide which elements to use.

So, any used and the above tools are fully compatible with Microsoft. But when choosing them, absolutely all the smallest details should be taken into account. It is better to entrust this matter to qualified experts.