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What is the new website of Anon Sharer?

Anon share was a popular anonymous sharing website for video and images. But now it is not working and many people look for Anonsharer alternatives which offer same functionality and user interface. The alternate of mirror sites still work as a free web tool where you can share files without signing up.

We are not going in to the details… what Anon share site does, but to give you an idea(if you don’t know) this site was so famous among public for adult content where a lot of video and image content available.

So if you have been looking for similar sites like Anon sharer then here we have come with some alternatives that you can check and use as per your requirement.

anon sharer

Anon Share Alternatives – New and Latest Website with Same Features

The new and the latest website of Anonsharer is Anon-v and another the official website of is Anonme. Both are also known NewChan and work exactly like the original site.

All these are media sharing websites which you can use to upload the video and images. This way you can easily share the content on site and it will be visible to other instantly as there is no sign up required.

It is quite easy and fast… and you can even download the content of other without giving any details or signing up.

Here’s the list of some Anon share alternatives that you can easily find on Google and surf freely in just 1 click.

  1. AnonReloaded
  2. Anon-v
  3. AnonMe
  4. AnonMgur
  5. AnonshareORG

Some the server of AnonSharer aka New Chan faces Real-time problems and outages and in that case you can Install Droid VPN to your mobile and connect it through US server.

Anonsharer is down for you then please visit our troubleshooting section to try to diagnose and resolve the problem.

I hope this will work for you!

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