Atandt girl

Atandt girl aka Lily Adams – Who she is? Let’s Find out here!

Atandt girl Lily Adams is quite famous since the at&t ad gone viral on many popular social media sites like YouTube Facebook. In the latest at&t ad commercial this girl got a lot of attention and praised by many experts and viewers.

So who she is, who really is Lily Adams?

Well guys, if have been looking for who is atandt girl in the ads then have landed on the right site as we are going to reveal everything about this bold, beautiful girl below. So let’s dive in find out about the Lily Adams!!

Atandt girl

Who is Atandt girl aka Lily Adams?

Atandt girl who plays the role of Lily in the At&t ad commercial is a famous actress from Russia (Nationality Anerican). So, she is a Soviet-born American actress, comedian and activist who signed the project of At&t ads and received a lot of attention.

Her real name is Milana Vayntrub.

Her voice, body language is quite attractive and that’s why in the recent ads of At&T she got a lot name and fame. She actively worked as a saleswoman in Ads with this company from 2013 to 2016 and later re-joined their project in 2020.

Milana Vayntrub At&t Journey and Success

If we consider Atandt ads then these ads are one of the best among all milana vayntrub hot commercials. That’s why the company called her again and she joined the team in 2020.  So basically, she got a big success from here and now world knows her as Atandt girl – Super Awesome.

You can watch her ads archives on YouTube. Here we have listed some of the best At&T ads whom she is working as saleswoman. Have a look at some Atandt girl ads below:

Are Milana vayntrub playboy cover pics real?

Well guys if you are from those who actively looking for Milana vayntrub nudes then I want to clear that she never posed for this and whatever available on Google search results, it is completely fake.

Milana vayntrub Movies and Tv shows

In addition to the ads, Milana worked in a number of America movies and TV shows like this is us, Silicon Valley. Here we have come up with some popular movies and tv shows. Have a look at below:


  • 2011 Life Happens
  • 2012 Junk
  • 2015 Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling
  • 2016 Ghostbusters
  • 2019 Mother’s Little Helpers
  • 2020 The Shabbos Goy
  • 2021 Werewolves Within

TV Shows

  • 1995 ER
  • 1997 Days of Our Lives
  • 2004 The Division
  • 2012 The League
  • 2013 Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous
  • 2014 Silicon Valley
  • 2015 Other Space
  • 2016 This Is Us
  • 2017 That Moment When
  • 2018 Robot Chicken
  • 2019 Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts, Heart of Iron, and Battle of the Bands
  • 2020 Die Har

So that’s all about atandt girl aka Milana vayntrub. Now you know she is not just a saleswoman, she is talented and a super-hot actress. You can connect with her on official Instagram – click here and keep yourself up to date!

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