Does naruto die in boruto

Does Naruto Die in Boruto?

Does Naruto die in Boruto manga as Boruto and Kawaki both teams up together to rescue the 7th Hokage from the sealed box that Isshiki trapped him in? Let’s find out about this and see what would happen next!

The whole world is talking about Naruto, as people are really into it. Fans are going crazy about, knowing if Naruto in Boruto, as there are lakhs of searches for the same, and we are going to be unleashing this for you right away.

If you are one of those ardent Naruto fans and making yourself which episode does Naruto dies in Boruto then this is the right place to get all answers. However, it contains intense spoilers as Naruto is vulnerable and treated to immense torture and grim pain while he counts his last days as a Hokage.

As the story begins, it can be made out easily that Naruto slowly approaches death. However, he has fought bravely against some of the deadliest characters, namely Pain, Akatsuki, Madara and many more that in turn has awarded him with the title of the Seventh Hokage of Konoha. He was also considered as the most godlike shinobi to ever live by the Sage of the Six Paths. But in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, Jigen was revealed, and Naruto finds himself in an unwanted condition whereby he has to fight the mysterious Isshiki as a human.

Does naruto die in boruto

Biggest Question – Does Naruto Die in Boruto Manga?

Isshiki is one of the truest alien gods and is suitable to consume all the chakras found on Earth. Unfortunately for Naruto lovers, he loses in the fight and has to go through immense mental and physical torture.

Sasuke being his teammate in fighting Isshiki, somehow escapes the hidden dimension through teleportation, leaving Naruto behind, who is tortured with the chakra-draining rods hoping that Sasuke can return with some help. Isshiki is intelligent enough not to kill Naruto. It would waste many chakras to kill a Hokage as strong as Naruto and leave Isshiki vulnerable as it can harm Jigen’s physical structure.

Kawaki, whose prosthetic arm was powered by Naruto’s life, fell off, indicating struggling between life and death. Isshiki traps Naruto so bad that even Kurama, the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox, cannot escape the torture. Much to Naruto’s disappointment, Isshiki desires pleasure, and he does that by interfering in making Naruto’s friends and family his target eventually, as described in Naruto arcs.

Naruto is further terrified as Isshiki announces that he would go after his son, Boruto, who has a Karma mark placed on Kawaki. Naruto is crest-fallen to know that his son is the next easy target for Isshiki while the Hokage suffers. Naruto fears that Isshiki would eventually possess Jigen’s engineered boy and lead an evil Kawaki who can be lethal.

As the story stands, Naruto still hopes that Sasuke can somehow launch back into the alien dimension with reinforcements and save Naruto. Naruto remains helpless in the seal and is just an audience. At the same time, Isshiki, one after the other, targets his family and the ninja villages as he would eventually drain all the chakra.

This viewing is entirely unfamiliar with Naruto, and all he can do is hope that some positivity rushes in. His friend Sasuke arrives with ninja reinforcements as soon as possible to save Naruto and the Earth, which is an easy target for Isshiki to drain all the chakras.

Hope your queries regarding does Naruto die have been answered successfully!

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