How did mr krabs die in spongebob – [Watch Video]

How did mr krabs die in spongebob – [Watch Video]

How did mr krabs die and who killed him in spongebob is picking a lot of heat on social media. Fans want to know a clear explanation how this happened? So here we are!! Checkout the below given video explanation and get all answers.

Well, there are a few different theories about how Mr Krabs died and who killed him. We shortlisted few theories which you can logically trust. So have a look at these fan made explation on how did mr Krabs die in spongebob below.

How did mr krabs die

5 Theories How did mr krabs die – Must Check

Theory 1

Some say that Mr. Krabs was killed by Plankton, while others believe that he was killed by SpongeBob.

Theory 2

However, the most popular theory is that Mr. Krabs was actually killed by Sandy Cheeks. This theory is based on the fact that Sandy was the only one who had the motivation to kill Mr. Krabs.

Theory 3

Mr. Krabs died because he was eaten by a giant squid. The giant squid is a huge creature that lives in the ocean. Mr. Krabs was swimming in the ocean and he didn’t see the giant squid coming. The squid grabbed Mr. Krabs and ate him.

Theory 4

Sandy was always jealous of Mr. Krabs and his success, so she may have finally snapped and killed him in a fit of rage.

Theory 5

Some believe that Mr. Krabs died of a heart attack, brought on by the stress of trying to keep up with SpongeBob’s enthusiastic work ethic. However, the most likely explanation is that he was simply stabbed to death by Plankton (though this has never been confirmed).

Of course, this is all just speculation and we may never know for sure how Mr. Krabs died.

How did mr krabs die Video

Well guys if you have been looking for How did mr krabs die video then here we have found one which explains how mr krabs died. But guys again this is just an imagination and the real reasons like – why all this happened? Where is mr krabs dead body?  are still unclear.

I hope you liked the video explanation on how did mr krabs die and who killed him!

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