panty poop

Is there a psychological explanation for panty poop or is it normal?

You have seen a Panty poop video and now you want to know is it normal or it is just done for fun. On internet you can see a dozen of clips relate to this disgusting thing but in reality, it happens very rare.

On many websites you can see these types of videos and it seems all this is normal.  So, to clear the doubts, a Quora user asked about – it Is there a psychological explanation for panty poop or it normal?

Many people answered and shared their opinions regarding that. Let’s what they have answered about this?

panty poop

Is Panty Poop a Fun thing?

Psychological explanation

Some people, I would say very are people do this for fun. Sometimes it’s just easier or more convenient to go in your pants and clean up later, than to try to find a bathroom that is probably really messy or already has a long line.

Wear the right clothes, a skirt is the best option, and try to stay far enough away from people, and no one will know.

It does feel good, and very naughty. If that kind of relief feeling excited you, or naughty turns you one, there’s nothing wrong with the feelings.

Normal explanation

Sometimes there is no intention of this, but it happens. Might be a bad day or health is not good. When a person’s health is not ok or stomach is upset, or he/she is suffering from diarrhea then this panty poop thing happens.

I hope you got your answer!

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