JioMart Integration Allows MyJio App Users to Order Groceries in Over 200 Cities

JioMart has been integrated with the MyJio app. Now, Jio customers can access JioMart directly from the MyJio app itself, without having to separately opening another app or website. The mini-app within the MyJio app is located at the start of the other integrated app listings, above UPI that was also recently introduced. The online grocery store’s MyJio integration is in beta, so chances are you might encounter some bugs.

Reliance’s JioMart within MyJio App is now live. Besides the listing, there is also a pop-up that shows up on the MyJio app right now, informing users that JioMart is now directly available on the MyJio app.

On clicking on JioMart’s listing, or on the pop-up, users are redirected to the JioCart Beta within the app itself. Here, they can shop for products and also navigate to other parts of the MyJio app.

Operated by Reliance Retail and Jio Platforms, JioMart initially rolled out to limited cities in Maharashtra back in January, and then expanded its services across the country in May. It was available only through its website and via WhatsApp. In July, JioMart launched as a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms.

The company claims that JioMart that is available in more than 200 towns across the country offers goods at five percent below MRP (maximum retail price). On JioMart, users can add multiple goods in their carts, and place the order after selecting their preferred payment mode. It offers fresh fruits and vegetables, groceries, rice, flours, dairy items, personal care products, and household cleaning items, among other such products.

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