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Macaw Parrot Price in India, USA, UK

Macaw Parrot is a popular bird in India, USA, UK, Canada and Australia. It belongs from the parrot family which comes in a multiple colour option. Due to its beauty many people show their interest and they want keep him as a pet. So, let’s see and get full details about this bird below.

What is Macaw Parrot?

Macaw is a long-tail, colourful parrot from the parrot family. It can be found in many territories and wildly popular in India. Due its good look and friendly nature, these birds have been kept as pets for many years.

The avg. lifespan of this bird is 50 years!

If we talk about Macaw Parrot then you can find a number of varieties in that too. Each macaw parrot has a different character, likes, and aversions. Because of their colour and size, macaws can be trying to really focus on, yet they are faithful friend who merit the time responsibility.

As per a research there are around 370 distinct kinds of parrots, and macaws are the biggest. Macaws typically weigh somewhere from 2 to 4 pounds, which is genuinely a powerful and healthy bird.  If we consider Macaw baby, then a healthy baby weight would be around 15 to 20 grams.

Among the macaw parrot family, the hyacinth macaw (which is the biggest one), can arrive at lengths of almost 3 and a half feet long from the head to the tip of the tail. Likewise, they gloat a noteworthy wingspan of up to 60 inches.

macaw parrot

Macaw Parrot for Sale

As this bird is quite attractive, beautiful and intelligent… many people want to buy Macaw parrot for home or garden area. Just keep 1 thing in mind, they need a lot of space. So, if your home has a good outdoor space, packed with greenery then you can have it!

In India, you can buy it from many local vendors. The price of this bird can be varying as per their age and size. There are other common factors that you may check while buying it or you can consult a bird expert.

Regarding Macaw Parrot for sale, I want to advice you that always go for bulk as you can get maximum discount and you can even save big.

Macaw Parrot Price in India, USA, UK

Well guys, are you looking for best price for Macaw parrot in India? Are your searching Macaw Parrot for sale in India? Below we have created a list with USA and UK prices too so you can get a rough idea how much this bird costs you. So, let’s check the complete list with exclusive prices below.

#1. Indian Ringneck Parrot: 500 Rs | $10 | £10

#2. Scarlet Macaw: 120000 Rs | $2000 | £1500

#3. Blue and Gold Macaw: 140000 Rs | $2500 | £1800

#4. Hyacinth Macaw: 300000 Rs | $4000 | £3000

#5. Hanhs Macaw: 20000 Rs | $300 | £200

#6. Lutino Lovebird: 900 Rs | $20 | £15

#7. African Grey Parrot: 45000 Rs | $700 | £500

#8. Green Winged Macaw : 150000 Rs | $2500 |£1800

#9. Dutch Blue Lovebird : 2000 Rs | $30 |£25


#10. Parakeet/Budgie: 150 Rs | $5 |  £5

That’s some popular and beautiful kind of Macaw parrot. Which one is your favorite?

Please let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share the price details and eye-catching photos of this unique parrot with your friends.

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