Most Expensive Funko Pop

Most Expensive Funko Pop – [Breakdown List]

Today we are going to reveal about the most expensive funko pop. This list will cover most famous funko pops which you can check and sell to right buyer to earn a good amount of profit! So let’s dive in and explore the funko pop most expensive list below.

What is Funko Pop?

Funko is company who manufactures a small size of pop based on popular TV or cartoon series characters. This small size toy purchased by many big fans and buyers. So far this company has manufactured a number of toys but in limited number.

Due to low quantity and great demand the cost of these action figures are quite high. Hence those who know to make profit from it, they collect it and sell it on higher rates and earn a good amount of returns.

So some people buy it as an investment too. Now let have a look at below given list to know about the most expensive funko pop in the world.

Most Expensive Funko Pop

Most Expensive Funko Pop List – Explore Now

Black Ranger Freddy Funko Pop 

The demon slayer funko pop is your go-to option if you are into collecting all sorts of funko pops. In 2017 black Ranger Freddy Funko was released. It was a limited batch of 24, and the exclusivity makes it more desirable, which is why they are estimated at the value of$1510. But today, this black Ranger Freddy Funko is sold on eBay for $4300 and the seller made a slid profit!

Giant Steamboat Willie

The Loki funko pop is valued at $1140, and else Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie made the debut in 1928. The funky pop is ideal for anyone who is an original cartoon fan. The silver metallic figure is around 9 inches in size.

It hails back from the 1970s as it is one of the best-selling Funko pop versions of the king that shook sellers and buyers in the market. It is the most expensive funko pop sold for more than $2000. The figure glows even in the dark.

Green Lantern

Even though the Green Lantern movie was not a great hit, Jordan had a great power to become a formidable opponent for the collector of Loki funko pop.

The version of the glow in the dark Lantern was unveiled in San Diego Comic-Con in 2010 and has sold continuously for over $2000 since then.


The most expensive funko pop is the hottest exclusives never made available. Still, the figure is silver to a handful of chosen employees as only 108 figures were manufactured.

Naruto Funko Pop is your best bet if you are into Funkos and you love music. In 2014 it was first launched, and the value has been increasing steadily, going from $150 to $2410. The limited edition is loved by all but afforded by only a few.

Star Wars

The most expensive funko pop is based on a dark maul character from Star Wars, and it is a part of the Star Wars pop line. The sales have been consistent for years as the average price is currently estimated at around $3020.

Buzz Lightyear Freddy Funko

You should get your wallet ready if you manage to find one of the metallic buzz light years from the cause. The character was released in 2011 at the San Diego Comic-Con, and it is one of the most highly sought-after pops. Unfortunately, the price is around $3050.

Ghost rider Freddy Funko

The ghost rider Freddy Funko is estimated at around $3390 per pop as the metallic version has got a lot of prominence, but it is not afforded by everyone thanks to its price.

Boo Berry Funko

Funko pops are your thing if they glow in the dark. If you like any bright pops, then Boo Berry funko should be right up your street as only 24 were manufactured, which is why they are considered to be quite desirable. The value has steadily increased since the time the product was released.

Count Chocula Freddy Funko

It was released in 2011 exclusively at the same Diego Comic-Con, and the pop is generally based on General Mills monster-themed breakfast cereal count Chocula. Four hundred eighty units were only manufactured, and the current valuation is $3780.

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