A Quick Guide: Effortlessly Manage Your PDF Files Using PDFBear Tools

You might have been using PDF for your electronic files for so long. Most people also do the same because PDF is a portable file format that’s easy to use. You can quickly share these files with other devices, upload online for whatever purposes, and attach them to your emails in a stress-free way. 

Dealing with so many PDFs might be challenging, especially if it’s part of your job description in your work. Hence, you’ll need a system to help you manage these electronic files most effectively. The best platform you can find online is PDFBear. It’s a website with various tools you can use for your files. Continue reading the details below to know these tools that will be of so much help to effortlessly manage your PDF files using PDFBear. 

Delete-Page Tool

For a long time you’ve been using PDF for your electronic files, you might have noticed that some information or data are out of date. That’s why you need to update some information or simply remove some pages containing unnecessary details. However, it’ll be impossible to directly apply changes to the PDF documents because they are in a fixed format. 

Don’t worry because PDFBear has a particular tool online that you can use for free. The tool will allow you to delete PDF pages most conveniently. You only need to upload your files on the PDFBear tool online. Then, enter or simply select the page numbers you want to remove. Tap the “Apply Changes” button, and the system will begin saving the changes you’ve made. 

After that, you can now download the files without the pages you’ve finally removed. The process will only take a few seconds, depending on how many pages you’re deleting. That’s how easy it is to remove pages you no longer need in your PDF files. 

File Protection Tool

Your files may have important data and confidential information that you only want to share with selected people. In that case, you better put a password for these files to limit access and even avoid unwanted access from other people you don’t know. You can use the protect PDF tool of PDFBear online for entirely free. 

You simply need to upload your files on the PDFBear online tool. The system will then ask you to create a password, so you need to provide a personalized one, incorporating letters, numbers, and other characters. Tap the “Encrypt PDF” button, and the system will start saving the password you provided. Now, your PDFs are safe from unauthorized access and use. 

eSign PDF Tool

Many people use PDF format in different forms and documents, such as agreements with your business partners, contract with the company you’re working for, and other essential papers. These files need a signature to make them valid and authentic. However, as previously mentioned, PDFs are in a fixed format. That’s why making changes seems to be not feasible. 

With the use of the eSign tool of PDFBear, signing these files is made possible. Just upload your PDFs on the official website of PDFBear. There you can see an area where you can input your signature. After signing the files, hit the “Finish” button so the system will process saving your signature. Once finished, you can now download your PDF files. That’s how easy it is to add your signature to your  PDFs. 

Repair PDF Tool

You might have encountered a file that you can’t open, or if you open it, it’s blank and contains nothing. That file might be damaged, which you can no longer use. However, with the protect PDF tool of PDFBear, there’s still a chance that you can save the information that file contains. Just upload the damaged PDFs on the PDFBear tool online. 

Then, the system will start fixing your files. However, some PDFs may not be able to recover due to the enormous technical damage or a computer virus completely corrupted them. But for those files that can still be fixed, the PDFBear tool will be helpful to fix them. You can then expect either a complete or partial recovery of your PDF files. 


You may find many platforms online to offer you free access to various tools for your files. However, not all of these sources are safe and reliable. The list of tools discussed above is only a few of those available online. If you haven’t tried any of these, visit the official website of PDFBear now and see what else the platform can offer to your PDF files. 

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