Easiest Way to Convert Your Excel Spreadsheets to PDF Format Using PDFBear

Many people use Excel spreadsheets to organize data and information in a proper and presentable way. Established and start-up businesses present data on spreadsheets, such as monthly to yearly expenses, gross and net income, and the details of assets and liabilities. 

Hence, every detail becomes easy and convenient for interpretation, especially during business conferences or meetings. However, the more information you input on a spreadsheet, the file size increases. That’s the reason you might experience problems, like taking a long time to share your spreadsheets with other devices and even upload them online. 

Because of this, you need to convert your Excel spreadsheets to PDF to compress the data, making the file sizes smaller. The best conversion tool you can find online is PDFBear. It’s a website that offers you free access to its tool for your files. Check the details below to know the easiest way of converting Excel to PDF using PDFBear. 

Fast and Easy

Most people usually look for online tools that offer a quick process. Tools with complicated steps that will take much time to finish your request may consequently make your tasks done late. Busy people like you will never use this type of tool. That’s why you need to utilize the conversion tool of PDFBear online absolutely free.

You can visit the official website of PDFBear to use its free Excel to PDF converter for you to have a PDF copy of your spreadsheets. You can also process converting your Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to PDF, and vise versa. If you have files in PNG and JPG, you can also convert them to PDF. That’s how easy the process is in file conversion using PDFBear. 

Guarantees Quality Results

Aside from the fact that you’re looking for a tool with a quick process, you also want to use one that guarantees results in high quality. Many users of PDF have experienced different technical issues after the conversion using other platforms. It could be that some texts are unreadable, images are twisted, and other elements of the file are faded or even missing. 

You surely don’t want to experience any of these in your files. Hence, you have to use the conversion tool of PDFBear that never failed to satisfy its long-time users with the quality of converted PDFs its system produces online. That consequently makes the platform popular to most users of PDF worldwide. 

User-Friendly File Converter

The Excel-to-PDF converter of PDFBear is a user-friendly tool. It doesn’t require you to have additional apps or use any extended computer software before using the tool. You only need to have a functional device and connect it with stable internet service, and you’re good to go. You can then make your Excel spreadsheets converted to PDF anytime. 

You can use whatever device you’re using. It could be a laptop computer, desktop, or even a table and smartphone that you always use every day. It’s also fine whether you’re using an Android or iPhone. Just use your device, visit the official website of PDFBear, and conveniently use the conversion tool for your files. That’s how user-friendly it is to use the file converter of PDFBear. 

Makes Your Files Safe

Your files might have valuable data and information that you don’t want to share with anyone you don’t know. Because of that, you may also feel hesitant to upload your Excel files on the website of PDFBear. You don’t have to worry because the system of PDFBear uses a smart technology that will make your files safe. 

After you downloaded the converted files to your computer or smartphone, the system will delete all of the files you uploaded permanently. Everything will be deleted from the file storage of PDFBear, leaving no trace of your files at all. It’ll definitely make you feel confident that your files are all safe with PDFBear.  


PDFBear has a lot to offer to your electronic files. The things discussed above make PDFBear a perfect platform to convert your Excel spreadsheets to PDF format. If you need one in the future, always check the official website of PDFBear.

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