Ariana Grande New Album

Ariana Grande New Album “Positions” – Reactions

In 2020, Ariana Grande just released her highly anticipated sixth album, Positions, and the internet has a lot to say.  It’s been broadly welcomed by critics, and here how people reacted!

The 14-track album comes a week after the release of her music video for the single, “Positions” — which currently has over 50 million views on YouTube — so, of course, fans are pretty excited.

As per the current data (up to Oct 30), Positions is the most watched female album on spotify. Here are the most streamed female albums on Spotify

  1. Positions – 7m
  2. Future Nostalgia – 79m
  3. THE ALBUM – 44m
  4. WWAFA, WDWG? – 98m
  5. Folklore – 16m
  6. Thank u, next – 80m
  7. Heaven & Hell – 60m
  8. Eyes Wide Open – 57m
  9. Don’t smile at me – 34m
  10. DUA LIPA – 21m

Here are some of the best reactions to Ariana Grande’s new album, featuring her first collaborations with Doja Cat and Ty Dolla $ign.

Ariana Grande New Album

Ariana Grande New Album “Positions” – Reactions

“Positions is about emerging on the other side – the sort of pop psychology redemption arc that Grande’s young, emotionally clued-up fan base will delight in,” wrote The New Statesman’s Emily Bootle.

In one of the most positive reviews, Bottle said there were “no dud tracks” on the record.

“What makes this album so confident and mature is its overt, practised sense of individual identity,” she said. “Ariana Grande knows exactly what she’s doing, which is creating era-capturing music.”

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