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CricFree is a sports streaming service that brings you lots of online TV channels, mostly with a sports event. It is entirely free to use live streaming services that you can use to enjoy anytime anywhere around the world. The service has more than 12 different categories, and each category focused on various sports to deliver all streaming at the same time.

Cricfree is not available legally in the UK

Are you looking for Cricfree Live Streams to watch SoccerRugbyDartsCricket, F1 or Racing on Sky Sports or BT Sport?

Best VPN for Cricfree – How to Watch Live Streaming TV Safely

Cricfree has been around for a while and continues to gain popularity for its extensive library of ready-to-watch sports events. But what exactly is Cricfree TV? How do you use this website for watching live sports? Is the video streaming free? Is it legal?

Most important, why it is strongly advisable to use a VPN for Cricfree?

Keep on reading this article and we will give you all the information you need about Cricfree and how to use it for watching live sports events. Take notice of the privacy and legal issues explained in the article to make sure you can enjoy the sports channels without getting in trouble.

What is Cricfree?

Contrary to popular belief, Cricfree TV is not a live streaming service. It is a platform that hosts streaming links that primarily redirects you to reputable websites.

Cricfree does not provide any live streaming content on its platform, just connections to other live streaming websites.


Although the name implies an endless cricket streams, cricket is just one of the many competitions you can view. Lovers of sports out there can have access to different sports channels:

  • UFC
  • Golf
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Racing
  • More…

How to Use Cricfree TV

To use this platform is relatively simple. It’s a straightforward click-and-watch service. Once you are on the homepage, you have the choice to browse through the featured champion league, premier league, or any other matches. If no featured games interest you, you can also select your preferred sport from the top panel and connect to any live game.

NOTE: Be aware, that you will need to click on numerous amounts of advertisements to get to your content.

If you don’t have an adblocker, we’ll discuss later why you don’t need one and how to access your content without ads.

Why You Need a VPN

In this age of streaming it’s far too easy to stumble across a seemingly reputable website offering free access to some sort of video streaming content. Many sites that stream live content do it without copyright permissions and this is illegal; such a crime is tantamount to piracy.

However, it is not such a website. It is a database that houses links to legal sports content. So to be clear this platform is not a live sports streaming service.

However, there are at least three important reasons why you should use a VPN for Cricfree TV;

  1. Due to the incredibly vast amount of links shared, there is no way we can say for a certain that every link you connect to from this platform is bonafide. This is an area where you must be cautious.Unknowingly accessing a pirated website can bring you face to face with legal troubles with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). See below. You may have the same problem while using any website offering free streaming contents like Alluc.tv, HotStar, IPTV Latino and so on.A VPN is necessary to protect yourself and avoid the aforementioned legal issues. Using a VPN for Cricfre allows you to conceal your IP address and appear as if you were connecting from a different location. In this way, you circumvent the blocks of your ISP, mask your activity, and you can access the platform with peace of mind since nobody can track back on you.
  2. Some of the links on Cricfree TV may redirect you to geo-localized contents. A content protected by geo-localization can be accessed only if you connect from certain areas of the world. Therefore, unless you have a VPN to obtain a foreign IP address, you will not be able to accees the streaming content.
  3. A bonus of a VPN is keeping safe your identity and digital data. Since there is no way to determine that the one website that hosts your favorite event isn’t a hoax site for hackers to access your network and steal your digital information, you must stay protected with a reliable VPN.

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