FM Whatsapp 835 download 2021

FM Whatsapp 8.35 download 2021 – Latest Version

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FM Whatsapp 8.35 download 2021 latest version apk file is available right here for your Android phone. We have given downloading links and trusted sources below. So, checkout them and install FM whatsapp new version on your mobile device for free.

You can download FMWhatsApp’s latest version from below given sources and install it right away on your Android 4G or 5G smartphone. FMWhatsApp (FMWA) is not available on the Google Play Store. But if you want to use it, you need to download the APK file from here and install it manually.

We have the working download links for all Android versions, including the latest one along with the tutorial to install it manually (in case if you don’t have any how to install an APK).

FMWhatsApp is nothing new if you are known to GBWhatsApp or YoWhatsApp before. After the discontinuity of the YoWA by its developer, the FMWhatsApp is what we have on our hand.

Actually, FMWhatsApp is the next version of YoWhatsApp (we can say). Because, the developer behind YoWhatsApp has handed over his project to Fouad Mokdad, the current developer of FMWhatsApp. He redefined the app and released it as FMWA.

So, you can easily download the up to date version of FMWhatsApp (FMWA) V8.35 from the source links. You can get these download links  with apk details below.

FM Whatsapp 835 download 2021

What is FMWhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD which is developed by an independent developer, named Fouad Mokdad. Since this is a modded WhatsApp, you will get something more than what the official WhatsApp offers. Moreover, tons of cool features like maximum image resolution, privacy-only mode, and customizations were included, which are not present in the official WhatsApp.

Unlike the general WhatsApp, this app has a video status limit of 5-minutes instead of just 30 seconds. So, isn’t it Cool?

I know, I know it is super cool, and you would like this too!

FMWhatsApp comes with much more exciting stuff that will definitely blow your mind. Here are some features that you should check out once and decide if you want to migrate from the standard WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp on your device:


#1. Privacy features

The privacy has utmost priority in the FMWhatsApp app. You can turn OFF or ON the read receipts to prevent others from knowing if you’ve read the messages or not. Also, it has a Blue Tick Disable option that prevents others from seeing the Blue Tick on the messages they send you.

Not just that, but the online status that people see when you come online can be disabled too. So, your online state won’t be shown to others. You can set any date or time for last seen status.

#2. Chat features

There are tons of fantastic chat features. The most important is the addition of the new emoji’s. With the new emoji’s, you can amaze your friends while texting with them. Also, the chat screen customization option is fantastic to change the UI. You can change the themes, backgrounds, icons and much other stuff.

The quick messaging, bubble style messaging, group chat, group calls, and many other exciting features are attracting users to use FMWhatsApp instead of the standard version.

#3. New additions

The ability to send 100 images at once is not available on WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp will let you do that. Also, the Chat lock is a new feature that allows you to create a passcode to access the chats of your contacts.

#4. Video Status

Usually, you can put a 30-second video status in WhatsApp. But, FMWhatsApp let you put a video status up to a length of 5 minutes. Amazing, isn’t it?

#5. Miscellaneous

  • Send any kind of files (APK, ZIP, EXE, RAR, etc.) from the file manager
  • Send file over 700 MB
  • Incorporates Android Oreo emojis
  • Particular locking mode by fingerprint, pattern, and PIN.
  • Change contact name color in Home Screen
  • Custom Hide/View status
  • Preview Font in Fonts Style
  • Delete conversation media even after deleting chats
  • Control conversation lock in the contact/group info section
  • Colour in Page Title text
  • Turkish Translation
  • Enable/Disable Message counter on the launcher icon
  • Show/Hide pattern drawing the path
  • Maximum image resolution
  • Privacy-Only mode
  • Send Status videos up to 5 Minutes
  • Save Stories images and videos to your device
  • Mohanad Font
  • Pinup to 1000 chats
  • Reduce network use
  • Swipe from left to right to exit a conversation
  • Send high-resolution image, up to 10 MB (HD)
  • Separate option added for Navigation Bar color
  • See Broadcast icon on pics in chat
  • Load theme from SD Card (XML File)
  • Change Emoji header color
  • Round WhatsApp icon
  • Disable Heads-up in Android 7.0+
  • Change Emoji Picker background-color
  • Set Profile picture as chat screen wallpaper
  • Recent colors
  • Square photo corners
  • Change Hyperlinks color
  • Allo ticks and 3D Bubbles
  • No Ads (Ads Free MOD)
  • Splash screen

What’s new on WhatsApp MOD by Fauad?

Since FMWhatsApp is the newer version of YOWhatsApp, you will get something additional along with the YoWA features. But you won’t have to miss any elements of your favorite old YoWA. Instead, there is something more. Check out what’s new on the latest update:

#1: YoThemes

This is a cool feature that comes with the latest version of FMWA. I am pretty impressed with the new colors for theming the application. You can easily get rid of the annoying old UI; plenty of marvelous themes can be applied to the entire UI with just a single click.

#2: Emoji Variant

There are some new emojis that comes with FMWA by default. You can send numerous emojis to your contacts without downloading from external sources. A non-emoji variant APK MOD is also available; in case you don’t like it.

FM Whatsapp 8.35 Download 2021 Links and Details

As FMWhatsApp is not available on the Google Play Store, you’ve to download the APK file and install it manually. Download from the link given below, and install it like normal APK:

  • File name – FMWA8.35.APK
  • Package – com.fmwa
  • Type – WhatsApp MOD
  • Version – 8.35
  • Size – 54.6 MB
  • OS Requirement– Android 4.0 or above
  • Developer – Fouad Mokdad
  • Download APK File  – GET NOW

Changelog for FMWhatsApp

  • [Added] Group chats now have a separate tab (Optional)
  • [Added] Separate Group Tab for Bottom Bar
  • [Added] Dubai (Arabic) Font
  • [Improvement] Switch Light/Dark Mode will SAVE your current settings and restore it when switching
  • [Improvement] Fonts preview
  • [Fixed] “App Not Installed” error
  • [Fixed] Fingerprint timeout randomly switches to “Immediately.”
  • [Fixed] Swipe between screens when Swipe Row is enabled
  • [Fixed] Hide Second Tick
  • [Fixed] IG Status disappearing
  • [Fixed] WhatsApp emojis/stickers show in phone gallery
  • [Fixed] Bottom bar not working in the Urdu language
  • [Fixed] Group description not clear in Dark Mode
  • [Fixed] Custom Privacy checkbox not showing in RTL languages
  • [Fixed] Other bugs
  • [Misc] Improved (Arabic, Urdu, German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian) Translations
  • [Note] Returned default UI to Tabs
  • Known bug: Unread counter flicker when group tab enabled
  • Changelog for FMWhatsApp 8.26:
  • [Exclusive] Click to Mark Status as Viewed!
  • [Added] Go To First Message
  • [Added] Option to Enable 5-min status/story
  • [Added] Option to Increase forward limit to 250! (instead of 5)
  • [Added] Increased Delete message time (delete for everyone) to 100 days!
  • [Fixed] Hidden chats calls visible in Calls tab
  • [Fixed] Live Location
  • [Fixed] “Mark as Seen’ and saving incorrect status/story
  • [Fixed] Black ticks instead of blue on some phones
  • [Fixed] Bouncing/flicker text in home screen
  • [Fixed] Old emojis has missing emojis
  • [Fixed] Text Status not showing font style
  • [Fixed] IG Statuses style crash
  • [Fixed] IG Statuses style image background issue
  • [Base] 2.19.291
  • [Fixed] More bug fixes and improvements!


It is a wise and brave decision to ditch the official WhatsApp and get a customized version like FMWhatsApp to gain more access and some unique extra ordinary features.

If you want to surprise your friends, then FM Whatsapp 8.35 download 2021 will be the best choice. It is packed with powerful features and expands the WhatsApp functionality. Once your friends will notice it, they will defiantly show their interest in this apk too!

If you still have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below and do share fm whatsapp latest version 8.35 download 2021 links with your family and friends, so that they can get the benefits from it too.

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