7 Top Anonshare Alternatives for Sharing Photos Anonymously!

Anonshare portal, an image sharing site was quite famous among the public. But at present, it is not in use and hence we have come with some best alternatives which work similar to Anon Sharer. So if you have been looking for same then have a look at some options below and let us know which one is your favorite!

What is Anonshare?

Like many image sharing sites like pixabay, pexels, imgur – the Anonshare was also that kind of site that allow users to use and share the pics. But in that image portal you didn’t need to sign up and that was reason it was quite popular among public.

So, without doing registration, you could upload the photos for free and then share it among friends. All that was quite simple and easy to use.

But as this started gaining a lot of name and fame, some users used it to share adult content. So here the purpose of this portal takes a new turn and due to receiving too many requests at same time, the owners decided it’s better to shut it down because now its usage is not in the right way!


Why Anonshare not working?

The concept of this site was very simple and interface was also neat and clean. But many people used it in different way and started sharing the photos of girls. When these things noticed, the site owners decided to shut it, because it was not good for business.

As this site currently not in use, many other competitors launched the Anonsharer alternatives. The alternate mirror sites still work as a free web tool where you can share files without signing up. These websites offer same functionality and user interface like the original one.

So guys, if you are from those who have been looking for similar sites like Anon sharer then here we have come with some alternatives that you can check and use as per your requirement. Let’s dive in!!

7 Top Anonshare Alternatives

The newest and the latest website of Anonsharer is Anon-v and another the official image sharing website is Anonme. Both are popular as NewChan and work exactly like the main Anonsharer website.

All these are media sharing websites which you can use to upload the video and images. This way you can easily share the content on site and it will be visible to other instantly as there is no sign up required.

It is quite easy and fast… and you can even download the content of other without giving any details or signing up. You can even upload photos from your Android or iOS device for free.

Here’s we are going to share the list of some of the best and working Anonshare alternatives that you can easily search on Google. This Anonymous portal are safe and secure to use. So have a look at all of them below.

  • Anonib or Anon.ib
  • AnonReloaded
  • Anon-v
  • AnonMe or
  • AnonMgur
  • AnonshareORG
  • 4Chan vt

That’s all about Anonshare Alternatives.

The mirror sites that we have shared above might face Real-time problems and outages. So, if this happens then worry not, in that case you can Install Droid VPN on your mobile and connect it via the US server.

If you have any doubts regarding the Anonshare image portal, then please let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share the mirror list with friends!

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