Haikyuu Season 5

Haikyuu Season 5 All Episodes on Netflix – Coming out!

Haikyuu Season 5 release date has been finalized and it will return soon with all new episodes on Netflix. You can stream the latest episodes of Haikyuu manga series with English subtitles in 4K quality.

Haikyuu Season 5

When is Haikyuu season 5 coming out?

Haikyuu next season may come with fresh plot. As we know fans are eagerly waiting its new season so the makers are trying to deliver something extra that would amaze all of you!

Currently, its season 5 is under production and will be released on Netflix streaming platform in the first month of 2022. As it is quite popular season so makers are putting extra efforts to make every episode more interesting and entertaining!

As per the leaks, Haikyuu Season 5 could come with a new story that will not be connected to Season 4 or the earlier seasons. The match between Karasuno High and Nekoma High is likely to be the focus of the new season.

It is also rumoured the source material is quite enough and we can look for another season. If this is right then fans can see Haikyuu season 6 in the beginning of 2023.

For now, Haikyuu Season 5 episodes will be available in JAN 2022. You can stream on Netflix and other local streaming anime platforms.

Haikyuu Season 5 Plot / Synopsis

Haikyuu season 4 ended in 2020 with Chapter 402 and Volume 45. The fourth season ended in triumphant, emotional style with Chapter 292, so there’s plenty of plot left to cover and it seams the makers will cover it in the upcoming episodes.

In Season 5, the team members will participate in the Nekoma vs. Karasuno match at the garbage dump, and there are a number of matches coming up, including some high stakes competitions.

Basically, there are lots of beautifully-drawn volleyball on the way. And Hinata will even get to meet the player who started it all for him, “the Little Giant.”

Should the anime series follow the manga all the way to the end in Season 6 and maybe even a Season 7, fans may be in for a big surprise — the manga jumps in time and location, and even focuses on a related, but separate sport.

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