Hentainexus deleted permanently – does anyone have Backup of hentai?

Hentainexus deleted permanently – does anyone have Backup of hentai?

Hentainexus is a great alternative to Hentai Cafe as it contains massive collection of free manga comics which is quite popular among adults. Now at present some people are unable to open this site and they all arguing on social media that is Hentainexus.com dead? Does anyone have backup of their hentai library?


Has Hentainexus Been Deleted?

Well guys, the Hentainexus that offered a lot of content related to manga is no longer available to access and shut down completely due to copyright issues.

The access of this site is completely shutdown and nobody can access even via VPN. So now for downloading of manga or free hentai you have to look for some other alternatives or you can ask on social sites.

Does anyone have Backup of hentai library?

The stuff of Hentainexus is now gone and can’t be downloaded but some users already took their backup and maybe they can help. Or even you can get all the stuff on some alternative sites for free without any issue.

On reddit one of the users has claimed that he has the archive of hentainexus.com  – I actually do have a HentaiNexus archive and database but only updated to the 8755 indexes, 107.591 GB in total.

So, it is best to contact those visitors who have the backup. On social media groups, you can ask for the archive link or even contact theme personally.

One of the users will definitely contact you/help you and share the archive link which you can use to get whatever you need. It is quite easy and simple!

Final words

Yes, that’s true Hentainexus site is dead but you should lose the hope as there are plenty of other sites where you can get your desired things easily in just 1 click.

I’ll recommend you go and checkout the best websites regarding this on google so you could get a high quality stuff .