Crusoe Had It Easy Cheats and Walkthrough – [Detail Guide 2022]

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Crusoe Had It Easy is one of the best adult games. If you like this game, then you might also need its cheat codes or Walkthrough to achieve various type of endings. As this is a web-based game, it has various endings that are based on the choices you make inside the game.

FYI, this game offers 7 kinds of different endings which you can achieve easily via the cheat codes and by following our detail guide.

If you want to enjoy all the endings of the game then here we have shared the completed walkthrough of the game which will let you enjoy the game till the end. Although, we have shared some cheat codes also which makes it easier for you to play the game.


Crusoe Had It Easy Cheats and Walkthrough

Crusoe Had It Easy Cheat Codes

Below is the list of 10+ cheat codes which you can use while playing the game and make the game play bit easier and more joyful.

  • “odysseyofthelostbikinibottom” – No bikini bottom.
  • “nudetella” – Make Sophie entirely nude.
  • “shavednotstirred” – No pubic hair on Sophie.
  • “oldschoolcheat – Unlock all CG illustrations in the gallery.
  • “papabear” – Play as Sophie’s dad instead of her cousin.
  • “notsoclose” – Play as Sophie’s close friend, instead of her cousin.
  • “destined” – Play as Sophie’s brother instead of her cousin.
  • “kittykitty” – Turns Sophie into a catgirl with a fluffy tail.
  • “fluffykitty” – Turns Sophie into a catgirl with a foxtail.
  • “legolasbride” – Sophie and the nameless protagonist are turned into elves living in a modern version of Middle-earth.
  • “receptacleforthebespectacled” – Gets Sophie glasses.

Crusoe Had It Easy Walkthrough

The game has seven kind of different conclusions which depends upon how you play the game. So here, we’ve shared the Walkthrough of the game which will give you an idea about the conclusions of the game.

As Dead as Rap**t

To reach this ending you have to be rude and harm her. For doing this do not offer her cook, do not go on a walk and don’t do anything good to her.

On the 3rd night, you have to Caress her gently, followed by “Touch her bre***s”, next “Cross it”, and finally select “Go on”.

A True Gentleman

This is a quite common ending of the game and straightforward. To get this ending you need to be so good with her. For doing this do not offer her cook and don’t do good things.

To reach this ending make sure you hit “Go to bed”.

Dead Date Drug Ra##st

This is the most complicated ending of the game and it makes the game play quite longer than the usual. To get this ending do not offer to cook for her and keep joking regarding touching her body gently.

Next, you have to select “She’s a bitch”. After that when she asks for the food you have to select “Tell her she should have used the spices.”.

When you get an option for seeing Sophie’s br***sts select “Don’t overextend yourself” then you will be asked to “Masturbate” so go ahead. Then she will interrupt you and you have to select “She shouldn’t sneak up on me like that.”

Now you have to go to Jungle where the moss grows on the north side of the trees. But you will be living on the west of Iceland. Find the herb and take it when you see it.

Finally, when you cook then use the herb in it. And when the girl falls asleep you don’t need to sleep instead select “Caress her gently”, “Touch her bre***s”, “Cross it”, and finally “Go on.”


To get this ending you have to offer to cook for here and go on a walk with her. Here you need to ask her “What she misses the most”.

When asked you have to select “you miss the food most”. After that, you need to select head into the forest. There when Sophie gets bitten by the snake you need not be with her. And finally on third-night select “Go to sleep” or “Try and go back to sleep”.


To have this ending you need to select all the steps same as the Regrets but instead of taking walk you need to select “ask her if she wants to go back”.

Nothing to tell

You have to select same as the Regrets to get this ending. But on the 3rd night do not go to sleep instead select “Caress her gently”, then select “Touch her bre***s”, “Cross it”, and at last select “Go on.”

Final Words

So this is all about Crusoe Had It Easy game.

Here we shared the complete walkthrough of the game along with the cheat codes. Now it would be easier for you to play the game and we hope you will enjoy every bit of the game without any issue.

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