1776 American Flag

Top Reasons How the 1776 American Flag Symbolizes Patriotism

What comes to your mind when you look at symbols like the bald eagle, the White House? Yeah, you definitely remember the American Flag. Indeed, the American Flag is one of the most common symbols out there. Known as the ‘Old Glory,’ it symbolizes America’s culture, endurance, and history. And if you talk about the 1776 American Flag, you must have also heard about Betsy Ross.

It was July 4, 1776, when young America gained its independence from England. Based on what many Americans believe, Betsy Ross was the one who sewed the very first 1776 US Flag.

Ever since the flags have been redesigned and adjusted. Although Betsy Ross created several American Flags during the Revolutionary War, the American flag 1776 flag holds special significance for sheer patriotism for different reasons. In this article, you will tour some of the main reasons.

1776 American Flag

Top Reasons How the 1776 American Flag Symbolizes Patriotism

It Marked a New Beginning for the Americans

The 1776 flag marks a new beginning for the American nation. The flag was created on a request by the Continental Congress and then General George Washington. The flag had 13 stripes and stars. Each signified the 13 colonies that fought together to free the nation. That is why that flag had a special significance and is still a patriotic symbol for the American people.

The First Universal Emblem of Patriotic Symbolism

The creation of the 1776 Betsy Ross flag was to unify the Americans. Besides being the precursor of a new beginning, it also ensured that its people had something that resembled intense patriotism. That was where the flag became the first universal emblem of patriotic symbolism for them.

The 1776 flag was equally identifiable by people all over the world as they do with the present-day American flag. The symbol of patriotism also embraces the free American spirit, which has always remained invaluable even today. To say, even though the flag has changed a lot, the patriotic symbolism is still intact.

The First Flag without a British Symbolism

The 1776 flag also represents the first flag of a free American country.  Before this flag with 13 stars and stripes, the British Union Jack was there. It had British symbolism in the top left corner. So, when the Continental Congress made the 1776 flag official, it was a proud moment for all the Americans. After all, they finally had their own flag, free from any British influence.

Interesting Fact about the 1776 Flag

The American flag of 1776, which was adopted officially in 1777, did not have any specific meaning. The traditional references of the colors – red, white, and blue were not associated with the flag at that time. It was 1782 when Charles Thompson, the then secretary of the Continental Congress, described what the colors meant. That just adds up to the uniqueness of the first flag. So, did you know this fact?

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that the 1776 American Flag holds immense significance for the fellow Americans. The bright colors and the stars symbolize America’s long history of freedom. Find a trusted online site that sells these flags today.

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