Japanese Quotes About Love and Marriage

Japanese Quotes About Love and Marriage

Love is something that has been researched for many many years, and every philosopher, writer, and any wise person has tried to give their own, unique definition of this feeling. And in our time, quotes about love are published in social networks, on personal pages, and beautiful phrases even become monogram tattoos on the bodies of lovers.

Japan is a country with an incredibly rich history, culture, and identity. The East truly boasts special wisdom and unhurriedness. We can talk about the mystery and incomprehensibility of Japanese culture for hours – it is so different from the European one. Even today, this most modern and technologically advanced country continues to keep in touch with its roots and traditions. Perhaps this is the secret of its prosperity.

Japanese Quotes About Love and Marriage

1. A husband and wife should be like a hand and eyes: when a hand hurts – eyes cry, and when eyes cry – a hand wipe away tears.

In Japan, newlyweds are taught from the first minutes to be one and whole. When people are not a “one team”, then, most likely, they have a toxic relationship, and it may lead to a breakup soon.

2. Love heals those who give it and those who receive it.

The most effective cure for all ailments is love.

3. The extinguished bonfire of love, you need to light from the coal.

Over the years, feelings fade. But you can rekindle them if you want.

4. A husband is a husband, and there can be no talk of love or hatred.

Despite the stormy influence of the West, patriarchy still exists in the Land of the Rising Sun. The husband and his interests are always in the first place; he makes the most important decisions, there can be no talk of any equal rights. A woman should be invisible as a shadow.

5. Love is when you are not compared to anyone because you are loved.

They don’t compare their loved ones, they just love them.

6. Love is the desire to make a loved one happy.

If you are in love, then you will do everything to give happiness, and not to hurt.

7. It takes only a few seconds to say “I love you”, and it takes a whole life to show how you love!

You can talk about love without experiencing this feeling, so the main thing is not words, but actions.

8. Love is when you trust your loved one despite the distance.

You can be with your loved one’s days and nights and not trust them, but you can be at a distance and trust your loved one.

9. One good word can warm three winter months.

The Japanese are able to beautifully utter correct and understandable thoughts. We know that a beautiful compliment will cheer you up and nice speech will warm your soul.

10. Cherish the love. Take care of it with all your heart. And don’t waste a second on a trifle of insults.

Love must be appreciated and you have to be able to enjoy it and experience this bright feeling.

11. Love is not when they climb onto the balcony with a rose in your mouth … Love is when people don’t go in dirty shoes in each other’s soul.

Love is a bright feeling. Therefore, it doesn’t tolerate disrespect.

12. Love is stronger than death, it gives the meaning of life.

Wise sayings of Japanese sages about life would be incomplete without this wonderful statement. It is amazing in its essence and contains a deep thought: you need to strive to cultivate love in yourself with all your soul strength. This is a state of respect for all living things; it can’t be confused with anything else.

13. Love gives us the strength to wake up, always breathe and constantly smile.

When people love and this is mutual, then they just want to live and enjoy life.

14. Love is the heart of everything.

It all starts with love. It is the center of the universe.

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