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Kiss Him Not Me Television Show | Now on Netflix

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Kiss Him Not Me is a Japanese romantic comedy anime manga series which you can watch for free with a monthly pack on Netflix streaming OT platform in high quality from anywhere anytime on smartphones or mobile devices!

Kiss Him Not Me wiki stuff is great place to read everything about this series. But if you want to enjoy the series then you have pick a streaming platform like Netflix which offers all Kiss Him Not Me seasons and all available in high quality.

So far its 12 episodes released in the season 1 and now many people waiting for the Kiss Him Not Me season 2 which would be released soon. It is quite popular anime series, in season 2 you will see some new anime effects and deal with new character.

This is the show that you don’t want to miss in your life. It is an amazing Japanese anime series with millions of viewers worldwide.

Kiss Him Not Me Netflix

Kiss Him Not Me Television Show – Plot, Characters, Anime, Volume, Episodes’ list and More

In Kiss Him Not Me Kae Serinuma is a fujoshi, a female otaku who loves reading yaoi and imagining men together in romantic relationships, both fictional and real.

When one of her favorite anime characters is killed off, Kae is so shocked that she locks herself in her room for a whole week. When she eventually comes out, she finds that she has lost a lot of body weight.

Now she becomes a beautiful girl that liked by four boys at her school: Yūsuke Igarashi, Nozmu Nanashima, Hayato Shinomiya, and Asuma Mutsumi.

Despite learning about Kae’s bizarre tendencies, the four boys, along with another fujoshi named Shima Nishina, all fall for Kae and begin competing with each other for her affection, much to Kae’s frustration as she wants them to fall in love with each other.

Kiss Him Not Me season 2 ep1 date has not revealed yet but as per the public response we can expect it would be released on Netflix later in 2021.

Kiss Him Not Me Characters

  • Kae Serinuma
  • Yūsuke Igarashi
  • Nozomu Nanashima
  • Hayato Shinomiya
  • Asuma Mutsumi
  • Shima Nishina
  • Amane Nakano
  • Takurō Serinuma
  • Kazuma Mutsumi
  • Mitsuko Serinuma
  • Hideo Serinuma
  • Takeru Mitsuboshi
  • Kirari Nanashima
  • Shion
  • Tera
  • Lord
  • Akane

Kiss Him Not Me Season 1 Episodes List – Volume 14

So far in its volume 14, 12 episodes have been released. In each episode of kiss him, not me you will see an epic drama and comedy between 4 boys and 1 girl. Here is the list of episodes of season 1 Kiss Him Not Me below.

  1. Can She Do It? A Real Life Otome Game
  2. The Strange Room And The Four High School Boys
  3. The Clear and Blue Autumn Sky, and Passionate Otome
  4. Christmas in the Holy Land
  5. Back to My Original Self! What Should I Do?
  6. Let The Shipping Wars Begin!
  7. On A Journey to the Holy Land of Kachu Rabu
  8. I’m at a Disadvantage!
  9. The Beach! Bathing Suits! Time to Get Serious!
  10. Brother Invasion
  11. Forward! Guard the Castle!
  12. Kiss Him, Not Me

So these were the episodes from season 1 of Kiss him,not me. Season 2 of this series will be released on Netflix later in 2021!

On Netflix you can see animes like Kiss Him Not Me, which will be best shows to watch in lock down time and these won’t bore you.

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