Proctoring systems – the new way of conducting examinations

The proctoring solution can be very easily implemented by the organizations to make sure that examinations are efficiently and effectively undertaken. Nowadays none of the organization wants to conduct the traditional based pen and paper examinations and especially during the scenario of COVID-19 outbreak it is very much difficult to conduct such examinations. Hence, the test writing strategies have undergone a strategic change nowadays and the educational, as well as professional institutions, are shifting their focus towards digital alternatives so that all the activities and operations can be significantly improved. Nowadays institutions can slowly shift towards proctoring-based examinations so that educational life cycle continuity can be achieved by the people.

The educational institutions are coming up with new building policies so that proper and tools and techniques can be effectively implemented and overall goals of imparting the education and learning new skills can be easily achieved by the candidates as well as the organizations. The concept of online proctoring can be termed as convenient as well as reliable methods of appearing in the examinations. The traditional centre involved a lot of pressure because people have to be present in the room for appearing in the examination but now with the implementation of artificial intelligence-driven solutions everything is now available online. Hence, with the help of online proctoring solutions, one can take the examination is very easily even from remote locations and the location constraint has been eliminated from the whole process. The integrity of the artificial intelligence-based systems is very high which will help in making sure that people appear for the tests very effectively and such tests help to provide a holistic experience to the institutions as well as the candidates.

Following are some of the advantages of going with this concept to make sure that there is a high level of integrity throughout the process.

-The whole concept is very easy as well as simplified. The implementation of automated systems has made the whole process very easy as well as simplified in terms of the examination conducting for seizures. The examinations are standardized and are evaluated based on planning, scheduling as well as optimization of resources. Hence, with the implementation of online proctoring systems, the entire process has been made very easy and these kinds of systems will help in automatic up-gradation of the assessments. With the automated grading systems, the accuracy throughout the scoring mechanism can be insured very well and proctoring tools, as well as solutions, will significantly reduce the burden on teachers as well as candidates very easily. Hence, the fairness element is always present and flexibility is significantly improved in the whole process.

-The whole process is highly cost-effective: Another great benefit of implementing the proctoring based systems is that the whole process is highly cost-effective in comparison to the traditional examinations. A lot of costs of the organizations and candidates are saved in terms of administration, deployment of the workforce, transportation, efforts, time and several other associated things. Hence, the advanced examination conducting has become very easy and brings convenience, flexibility and comfort level to everybody involved in the whole process. Such proctoring software can effectively maintain consistency throughout the process and with guaranteed systems, the assessments can also be increased very easily so that organizations avail for several benefits.

-The whole concept is highly convenient as well as reliable: The greatest benefit associated with the remote proctoring systems is that the whole concept is extremely convenient as well as reliable for both the Organizations and the candidates. The candidates can go with the option of appearing for the examination in the comfort of their home place without any kind of stress. Especially in the pandemic related environment of COVID-19 outbreak, this concept is very much successful in imparting education to the people so that they can add a great value to their CV. The best part of this concept is that privacy element will be very well ensured about the process and there will be the same level playing field for all the people so that fairness is very well ensured throughout the process. Everything will be conducted through real-time monitoring tools to make sure that there is a level of efficiency throughout the process.

-The whole concept is eco-friendly as well as time-saving: The greatest benefit associated with the online proctoring examination is that the whole concept is paperless and promotes the eco-friendly element very well. The remote proctoring also helps in saving a lot of time and the end-to-end management will be very easily enter taken because scheduling of examination is very easy and the results will also be generated simultaneously as well as instantly.

-The whole concept is free from suspicious activities: Another great thing associated with the implementation of online proctoring systems and platforms is that everything is enabled with artificial intelligence-related tools as well as biometrics so that suspicious was activity can be just very easily and performance can be seen. Hence, the whole mechanism is free from all kinds of issues and is future proof from all the issues for example cheating and other suspicious activities. It is very much important for the organization to conduct the whole thing with the help of varied questions of a high order, displaying the screen timers on the screen, restricting the number of attempts to a particular question and discouraging test reviews. When all these kinds of strategies will be implemented a suspicious activity will significantly be reduced.

The exam proctoring very well helps to make sure that everything is highly streamlined and monitored so that the credibility and reliability of the test can be insured all the time. There are several kinds of precautions which have been conducted very easily to make sure that everything is perfectly implemented. Hence, the solutions are considered to be the fairer, cheaper and perfect way of conducting the examinations. Whenever the organizations have access to these kinds of tools the assessment of proctored exam is very easy and helps to make sure that there is a holistic experience for both the candidates and organizations.

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