Three Reasons for Schools to Leverage Online Assessments

Academic assessments play an essential role in schools and educational institutions. They have plenty of benefits for students, helping them develop self-confidence, analytical skills, resilience, and problem-solving abilities. It even improves their career prospects.

Assessments are of two types: manual and online. Online tests have gained rapid popularity amongst schools and teachers, and rightly so. They offer flexibility, accuracy, quicker marking, convenience, and lesser administrative burden.

Online assessments are made possible through online platforms that provide the tools, technology, and expertise required to efficiently manage high-stakes, high-volume examinations with optimal accuracy, reliability, and integrity.

But what are the top three reasons for schools to make the most of online examinations, and in what ways does it benefit them? Read on to find out.

Why should schools opt for online exams?

An online assessment platform gives teachers total control over the examination process, using efficient end-to-end tools. These include authoring, marking, delivery, analysis, and intuitive features. Here are the top benefits of conducting an exam on an online assessment platform.

Increases efficiency

It speeds up the entire exam process tremendously, allowing schools to create and set up examinations in as little as 30 minutes. Creating tests from scratch is an upheaval task involving plenty of time and resources.

Digital platforms, using authoring wizards, enable teachers to select from a wide range of question types to create a relevant and accurate test. The benefits are not limited to just creating exams but also marking them.

Teachers can mark and provide the results of online assessments 24 hours a day. That is a significant saving of time, as teachers are usually overburdened with exam papers, working long nights to complete their assignments.

For example, and other test provider websites that specialise in online assessment solutions have tools such as auto-marking, in which AI self-marks most of the time, requiring human intervention only occasionally or when necessary.

Scalable and reliable delivery

Online assessments empower school teachers to conduct examinations of more than one million candidates simultaneously without difficulties. Advanced technology allows teachers to take exams online, offline, and even with unreliable internet connections across multiple devices.

Online assessment platforms, using progressive web technologies, remain interactive and active even during dropouts and disconnections, ensuring an equitable test-taking experience for the students. Moreover, despite appearing for the exams offline, students receive the same experience as those appearing online.

Invigilators get complete control over an examination session. They can enrol students either by class or individually into an examination, thus creating test sessions.

Moreover, a delivery dashboard gives examiners a live view of the events, candidates and test sessions. They can also preview a candidate’s entire audit trail after every test event (an audit trail refers to the actions taken by the students during the test).

Ensuring a secure exam environment

A secure exam environment, with the least possibilities for unfair practices, is another reason for schools to make the most of online assessments through platforms.

Online assessment platforms allow teachers to have complete control over the functionality accessed by students during an exam, primarily through a locked-down browser (a browser that runs full screen and prohibits students from leaving the window without permission).

It limits students’ access to websites, apps and screen recording tools. Teachers can use randomisation to prevent the chances of students copying from each other.

These are the top three reasons schools and educational institutions should take full advantage of online assessments. They make the exam process extremely manageable, promise a scalable and reliable delivery, and ensure that the exam environment is secure.

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