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iPhone Tricks That Will Change The Way You Use Your Phone

Apple is known for spoiling its users with incredibly amazing features. So if you are an iOS user, hold on to the edge of your seat because the following hidden features and tricks will blow your mind. Gadget freaks might already know some of them, but it is still worth scrolling down. Let’s go.

Charge Battery Faster

iPhones offer a decent battery life. But can you ever say no to fast charging? If you use your phone to send and check emails, watch Netflix, scroll through Instagram & Facebook, do online shopping, etc., you are bound to lose charge with time. It would be best if you always had the battery topped off so your daily activities don’t stop.

However, you are running late, and your phone is running out of battery. What do you do? You can enhance the charging efficiency of your phone by switching on the Airplane mode while charging your device.

In this mode, all the wireless signals are killed, and the phone blocks all the background app activities and notifications. Furthermore, it is recommended to refrain from using your phone while charging.

Show Hidden Applications

If you get distracted easily, it is recommended to hide some apps so you can use your phone to complete tasks or finish the TV show. Unless you have uninstalled the apps, you can show hidden apps iPhone by using Spotlight search. You can unhide the apps by using a tool like AnyTrans.

Hide Sensitive Photos

Keep your sensitive photos hidden so your friends and family cannot access them when you give them your phone. Go to Photos > choose one or more pictures > tap the Share button > select Hide.

As you confirm your choice, the chosen pictures will disappear from all the locations in your library. Instead, you can see them in the Hidden folder found within your Albums.

The Keyboard can Double as a Trackpad

The iPhone keyboard can be used as a trackpad. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly and accurately move the cursor and jump to bits of text. Moreover, you can do all this without having to tap the screen.

You can use this feature if you have an iPhone with 3D Touch capabilities, and this trick works seamlessly on any iPad.

On your phone, firmly press and hold anywhere on the keyboard and activate the trackpad. When the keyboard goes blank, you know the trackpad is activated. After that, drag your finger around the trackpad and move the cursor through the text.

If you are using an iPad, drag two fingers in any direction, and the trackpad mode will be activated.

Let your Phone Type the Full Email Address

Text replacement was more prevalent before the days of emojis. Thanks to this, you could type the short code of a sentence or word, and the system would automatically detect its meaning.

With text replacement, you can change random characters into things you type or things you cannot remember.

Go to Settings > tap General > Keyboard > Text Replacement and add whatever you want. For instance, you can use ‘eml’ to expand into your full email address. So the next time you need to write your email address, you don’t have to enter the full thing.

You can do the same for your home address or other things you type regularly. However, you must remember not to use common letters when creating text replacements, or they will trigger different actions.

As the text replacements sync across iCloud, you can create it on one device, automatically becoming available across all your Apple devices.

Scroll Up with a Single Tap

No need to furiously scroll up and down to find what you need. If you are browsing through a website or web page and need to return to the top, you don’t have to keep scrolling to reach the top of the web page. Instead, you can tap the top center of the screen, and you’ll be pulled back to the top.

You can do this on web pages; the feature also works anywhere on the device, including setting screens and applications.

For example, if you are using Instagram or other apps and want to get back to the most recent times, you can touch the top of your screen. This trick will save you lots of time and effort, and you don’t have to violently tap the screen up and down.

The Bottom Line

These iPhone tricks will indeed change your life for the better. You will use your phone anew and unlock its deepest secrets. However, these tricks are only the tip of the iceberg. There’s much more to explain, and new features are added with every new iOS update. So, remember to stay tuned and check all the news regarding iOS to stay ahead of the curve.

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