What dinosaur has 500 teeth

What dinosaur has 500 teeth

Being a Dinosaur lover if you would like to know what dinosaur has 500 teeth then here we will reveal the name of this fantastic creature and will show you some demo images from different research paper or sources.

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures. There are many different types of dinosaurs, and each one had its own unique features. For example, some dinosaurs had horns on their heads, while others had spikes down their backs.

One of the most interesting dinosaurs is the T-Rex, which had over 500 teeth! That’s a lot of sharp teeth to sink into its prey. The T-Rex, are known for their impressive size and teeth. Other dinosaurs with lots of teeth include the Triceratops and the Stegosaurus.

what dinosaur has 500 teeth

What dinosaur has 500 teeth

It’s amazing to think about how these creatures once roamed the earth, and it’s even more amazing to think about how they evolved over time into the animals we see today. Dinosaurs are truly fascinating creatures!


Researchers at the University of Utah have discovered that the Majungasaurus, a dinosaur that roamed Madagascar during the Late Cretaceous period, had 500 teeth in its mouth!

What’s even more surprising is that they believe this to be a conservative estimate – the real number of teeth could be much higher.


The Iguanodon was a large herbivorous dinosaur that lived during the early Cretaceous period. This dinosaur had an unusual tooth arrangement, with around 500 teeth in its mouth.

It is thought that the Iguanodon may have used its teeth to grind down plants, which would have helped it to digest them more easily. This dinosaur was also one of the first to be discovered by scientists, and its remains have been found all over the world.


Upon Google, you’ll find that Nigersaurus teeth are some of the most interesting and unique teeth in the world. They are incredibly long, and curve inward at the tips. This gives them a very distinctive appearance, and helps to distinguish them from other types of teeth.

Interestingly, Nigersaurus teeth were not actually used for chewing food. Instead, they served as a sort of “third hand” for holding onto prey items. This helped Nigersaurus to catch its prey more easily, and ensured that it could take down larger prey items than other dinosaurs of its size.

What Kind of Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth

As per some more researches, it has been seen that that The Tyrannosaurus rex is considered to have the most teeth of any dinosaur- it has up to 500! This ferocious predator used its sharp teeth to crush and tear apart its prey.

Meat Eating Dinosaurs

Other dinosaurs with lots of teeth include the Allosaurus and the Megalosaurus. These meat-eating dinosaurs had sharp, serrated teeth that were great for slicing through their prey.

Plant Eating dinosaurs

Plant-eating dinosaurs like the Diplodocus and the Apatosaurus also had lots of teeth- up to 800! These dinosaurs used their peg-like teeth to strip leaves off of trees. So, next time you are at the zoo, be sure to check out the dinosaurs’ teeth- they are sure to amaze you!

So, What kind of dinosaur has 500 teeth?

I think now you can answer it without any doubt.  But The more we learn about dinosaurs, the more questions arise.

What did they eat? How did they behave? How intelligent were they?

These are just some of the questions that scientists are still trying to answer. While we may never have all the answers, it’s exciting to think about what new discoveries lie ahead for us.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comment section below – do you have any ideas about what else we could be learning about dinosaurs?

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