What does yh mean

What does yh mean in text message

When chatting we use mean short forms to express a word and one of them is YH. So what does yh mean in texting? Let see the proper meaning and also check out some commonly used abbreviations like yw, yb etc.

What does yh mean

What does yh mean when texting?

When we do chat on yahoo messenger, facebook, gmail hangout then on these chat platforms we use yh in informal way to express a word. Instead of writing whole word we just type the two alphabets!

The yh mean in text is Yeah! It is a quick reply in the affirmative (i.e., to say yes) and this is an informal way.

In chat we also some other alphabets like yw, yb, hy. There meaning are…

  • yw – you’re welcome
  • yb – yeah baby
  • hy – hell yes

So these are some text alphabets that we use during the chat and it saves a lot of time and efforts.

For speedy text conversation all these short forms will help!

Many young people like this stuff during messaging and it is in trend now.  I hope this will help you too during chat on Facebook, google hangout etc.

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