Wizard 5e

Treantmonk DnD Wizard 5e – A Great Utility Spell Guide!

Treantmonk Wizard 5e 5th edition guide is packed with a lot of spells and drama. Let’s have a look at animated video which explains a great utility spell in better way using some anime wizard characters.

Wizard 5e

Dnd Wizard 5e – Animated Video [Watch Now]

The players were tasked with planting at Duggar’s tome and sweet tooth’s potion Airy. At best doing so without being seen, at worst making it look like a robbery. But it went down as most DnD high school poorly.

They basically weaponized the treasure chest they’d hoped to take for themselves, cutting their profit margin down by at least half and all five players had trapped themselves on a roof five stories tall.

They didn’t have time to set up ropes. The guards hadn’t seen the players faces yet but we’re about one turn away from bursting through the roof door and pinned cushioning the players bearers.

There was a shindig in the open and public section of the building down on the second-story balcony.

what’s more?

The players had managed to start a street fight between two NPCs about 10 minutes before the heist. The revellers on the balcony were caught up cheering and taking bets. The sorcerer looked back, looked down and saw the gap on the balcony.

He asked his teammates to jump. No, he always had a plan they did so without hesitation. Are you ahead of me yet!

Hello and welcome to the first episode of the second season of the animated spellbook. Today let’s talk about another Elliott exploit and another great for his level spell.

Feather fall choose up to five falling creatures within range a fallen creatures rate of descent slows to 60 feet per round until the spell effect ends. And if they land before the spell effect ends within one minute / 10 rounds, they can land on their feet and take no falling damage.

If either them glide it down to the balcony unseen. They got advantage for the street fight in the clever play and mingled with the potion Airy hipsters then one by one they drifted out onto the streets of Waterdeep unscathed.

If a little poorer than they hoped feather fall is one of those spells that always he’s playing games with a lot of vertical maps. I’ve seen Wizards dive after their friends and on an occasion, I’ve even used feathers for all to save someone from something crazy like being thrown by a giant Skyrim stuff in a really really loose interpretation of the rules.

I even once saw Jim dark magic use it to help in win hulk leap up an icy cliff in storm winds thunder all right well that’s feather fall it’s a cool spell for rad wizard sorcerers and parts.

I hope you liked DnD 5e wizard animated story.

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