World Heart Day: Healthy lifestyles a must during Covid outbreak, say docsh

Heath experts at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, on the eve of World Heart Day (observed on September 29), have stressed on the need to maintain healthy lifestyles as Covid-19 patients with underlying medical conditions are at increased risk of complications requiring intensive care unit admission, ventilator support, often leading to death.

“Covid infection may lead to two types of cardiac complications: One is acute, during the infection and other is chronic when the patient has recovered from the infection. Hence, heart patients who have recovered from Covid infection should also be evaluated for any progression of underlying heart disease or a new manifestation, especially the elderly with associated co-morbid illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, renal failure, and chronic respiratory diseases,” read press release from PGIMER quoting Professor Rajesh Vijayvergiya, department of cardiology.

There is an increasing incidence of psychological stress in the community, which can lead to certain behavioural changes such as smoking and alcohol consumption, weight gain, physical inactivity, overeating, and not taking regular medicines. This increases the risk of heart diseases, the release read.

The doctor stressed on the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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