Ark vs Rust – Which one i should buy?

Ark vs Rust is mostly asked question among game lovers and here we are which game you should buy so you can enjoy your time and make your gaming experience more adventurous. Let’s what’s our take regarding ark and rust survival games?

Ark vs Rust – which game you should buy?

Well guys, we have played both Ark and Rust a lot so we feel qualified to answer this for you.  You can even check other game’s threads for this but here whatever we are going to share it is our personal experience and might be different than other’s opinion.

Ark and Rust both are fundamentally different games. However they both focus on PvP survival, but still they have different focuses.

In Ark, you spend a lot of time grinding to tame, build your base, and get resources. This is great for people who love grinding and there’s even a PvE mode for people who just want to grind.

In Rusf, however, you only have to spend like 30 minutes to an hour building your base. The rest of your time spent in Rust will mostly be PvP against other players using guns and bows found along the roads.


In Rust there is a shocking amount of killing on sight, to the point where it’s almost impossible to talk to anybody else because they shoot you the second they see you.

In addition to that…

  • Ark has a story if you want one, is more forgiving, you can tame dinos and there’s less focus on raiding. Rust is a more player-oriented, hardcore combat experience and is very unforgiving.
  • Ark takes a lot of GPU horsepower and they recommend a Titan for high settings. ARK involves a lot of grinding and building and peacemaking while on Rust, if you try to avoid PvP you will not make it and the only need for a base is to store your weapons.

Final words – Ark vs Rust

If you like hardcore, shooting and building, go for Rust. (The community is pretty bad but you can find good people to play with).

If you like building and taming go for Ark. (The combat in this game is pretty awful, especially the guns)

Our personal suggestion is that if you want to buy a game then it is best to invest money on the Rust because the Ark is pretty damn buggy and most servers are dead.

At present Rust game is better than Ark.  It is in a good spot right now, getting many updates and many game lovers are recommending it as it is a value for money product.

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