Lia informant – What is it

Lia informant – What is it

Lia informant is an inbuilt app. It is a part of stock ROM and widely used in the LG G series smartphones. So, if you have been looking for what exactly the Lia informant does then have a look at below guide and get all answers!

What is Lia informant on my phone?

It is an official pre-loaded application that allows you to check and view information regarding LG services via the “Smart Notice” widget. This application is a part of the LG stock ROM. Hence it is completely safe and can be used without any issue.

Is Lia informant a spy app?

No, it is not a spy app. This app is given by LG to their smartphone users. It enhances the mobile experience and doesn’t steal any kind of personal data. So if you have been thing it is a spy app then you are wrong!

Lia informant What is it

Lia informant Features and Characteristics

Well guys, in case you do not want it, you can disable it anytime. There are some of the mind-blowing characteristics of the LIA informant. Have a look at below:

View Network Connections

This app allows you to view information related to Wi-Fi network connections. For instance, it allows the apps to check which nearby network exists and which network you currently connected.

Directly Access Callings

It makes calling process very easier as it allows the app to call phone numbers without any person’s involvement. This sometimes results in unpredictable calls and even charges.

But it ensures never calling an emergency number on its own. Thus, it can be considered that some malicious apps try to make money by making calls without an individual’s confirmation.

Full Network Access

Lia informant also allows to create network sockets using custom sockets. This is done with the help of a browser and other necessary applications that provide various means to send data over the internet, therefore, it never asks for any permissions while sending data over the internet.

Read the Required Data

Another big and bold advantage of the LIA informant Includes its capability of allowing the apps to read upcoming calendar events + confidential information.

Apps can read all calendar events stored on the mobile phone, no matter if it belongs to a friend or co-worker. It helps to save the data of the calendar even though it is sensitive.

Read Call Logs

When it comes to reading call logs, the LIA informant is very helpful in this way also. It allows to read the phone’s call log. It also reads data related to incoming or outgoing calls with time and date. It further allows apps to save call log data, but malicious apps can also consider this data without even your knowledge.

Read Your Contacts

Using this, the apps read all the contacts stored on phone including many other things such as the number of times you have called any person, emails you have sent, communicated with the person in any other way.

Apart from this, it allows the apps to save data related to your contacts, but it increases the chances that malicious apps can share your contact data without your permission.

Read the Content of SD

It allows the apps to read data stored in the SD card and thus make the use of data as required. Also, it allows the apps to modify or delete the unused or unwanted content from the SD card.

Read Phone State

It further allows the applications to access phone states such as phone numbers of the device, network information, status of the ongoing call, phone accounts registered, and many more.

Read Text Messages

It allows the apps to read  plain text messages and explore the additional required information. Apps can read out SMS, MMS messages stored in SIM card or mobile phone storage irrespective of the content or data confidentiality.

Run at Startup

As soon as the system finishes the booting process,  it allows the app to start itself (by default). This sometimes takes longer for the phone to start up and even the other apps slow down the phone as the phone keeps running every time.

Wrapping Up

Apart from these awesome features, the LIA informant application proves to be very helpful for the LG phone in many other ways. It can read history, web bookmarks , home setting shortcuts, etc. from the smartphone and thus makes the task of the applications much easier and simpler.