LIC e services: Know How LIC Online Registration Works?

Life Insurance Corporation of India, popularly known as LIC, is one of the most popular life insurers in India. The company offers a wide range of life insurance products and services in order provide an option to all sorts of insurance seekers with different budget and requirements. Quite expectedly, millions of people in India pin down their faith upon LIC life insurance policies when it comes to ensuring comprehensive financial security for self and loved ones.

But checking your LIC life insurance policy status from time to time is as important as investing in the policy itself. This is because you may miss out on paying the premium payment on time, even within the grace period, creating a lot of headache and unnecessary hassles for you. In order to ensure timely premium payments, you will need to keep your LIC policy status and stay well informed about upcoming premium payments. Wondering how can you keep a track of your LIC policy status without having to run from pillar to post? Fortunately, LIC makes it easy for you to check your policy status and even make your premium payments online. But in order to avail the LIC online login facility, you will need to register on the company’s website.

In this article, we will discuss a step-by-step procedure of LIC online registration. But before we jump into action, let’s understand why it is important for you to register online at LIC’s official website.

Who can Register Online for LIC e-Services?

All existing LIC policyholder in India can register online to avail the LIC e Services facilities.  There are no charges for using LIC e-services. Anyone can register in LIC e Services for policies purchased in his/her name or minor children. However, LIC doesn’t allow policy holders to add name of spouse to be registered together. In case, you wish to register your spouse, you will need to register him/her separately.

Benefits of LIC e-Service Portal

LIC e-services initiative taken by LIC is the most convenient and hassle free process of online registration. It provides the insurance seekers with on demand service with just few clicks. Under LIC e-services the insured person can take advantage of much different functionality online, that were previously available only at branch office. Here we have discussed some of the benefits offered by LIC e-Service Portal.

  1. By registering in e-service portal you can be sure about the policy issued.
  2. The insured can keep a proper and continuous track of next premium dues.
  3. The policy holder can make the premium payment online in a very simple and hassle free-way.
  4. Moreover, after paying the premium the insurance holder can also download the receipt of premium payment for the declaration of investment for the income tax.
  5. To keep a track of your policy you can check the policy status online just by logging in the e-Service portal.
  6. LIC e-service has one more additional feature under which the policy holder can add new policy to the existing customer portal account.
  7. One of the major benefits that can be availed under this portal is that the insured will not have any time lag from the payment date to receiving the receipt.
  8. LIC e-service not only save time and money but it is also secured as the policy data is not shared between LIC and banks. The banks and LIC only shares the amount to be paid and transported. Both the sites i.e.(banks and LIC) is known to the insured itself, so there is no place for counterfeit.

Last but not the least the insured person can save all the unwanted expenses as this service is totally free to avail.

How LIC Online Registration Works?

It is easy to register online at LIC’s official website to avail LIC e-Services. You do not need any technical knowledge to do it and can easily register within a matter of a few minutes and a few clicks. Check out this step-by-step guide to LIC online registration for help.

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Step 1: Visit LIC’s official website(www.licindia[dot]in. Once on the website, click on ‘LIC’s e-Services’ tab.

LIC e-services

Step 2: Now, click on ‘New User’.

LIC new user registration

Step 3: Now, fill your Policy Number, Premium Amount, Date of Birth, etc. to complete the registration process. Once done, click on proceed.

LIC new user registration

 Step 3: Now, create ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ and password of your choice to complete the LIC online registration process.

That’s it! You have successfully registered on the LIC website. Now, you can go ahead and make online premium payments, check policy status, check loan status and do many other activities and transactions related to your LIC policies.

Why Register Online at LIC’s Website for e-Services?      

LIC online registration is available to all LIC policyholders. Customers can access almost all the services related to their LIC policies and get almost all their queries resolved through LIC e Services which is available for users who have registered at the site.  Here is a list of benefits available to those registering online at LIC website.

  • Online premium payments
  • Policy status details
  • loan status details
  • Claim status details
  • Adding nominees
  • Benefit illustrations details for LIC life insurance products
  • Registration of complaints related to your policy
  • Policy conditions details

Wrapping it Up!

So there you have it- everything you need to know about LIC online registration process. So if you have not registered yourself on LIC’s official website, it’s time to register online and check your policy status online, and make your premium payments in a timely fashion to avoid any penalties and hassles.

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